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Welcome to the website. Here we promise subpar content at no prices. I’ll ramble from time to time about whatever comes to mind. We’ll see how that goes.

The Brer Possum, Persimmon Tree, and the quote at the top of the pages is a reference to the works of Joel Chandler Harris. His work, The Songs and Saying of Uncle Remus, introduced us to such wonderful characters as Brer Rabbit, Fox, Possum, Terrapin, Sis Wolf, the Tar baby, and many others. Possibly my favorite of these stories is “MR. RABBIT NIBBLES UP THE BUTTER”. It’s a very short story that I recommend every man, woman, and child read. I’ll wait while you follow that link and do so.

Now that you’ve read that story and have returned, what do you think? Within the context of the other Remus stories, it counters the dynamic of the “good guys always win” narrative. Within the context of a children’s story, it is shocking and disturbing. Brer Possum did nothing wrong but work hard and play fair, and he dies by burning to death. Meanwhile, Brer Rabbit is lazy, lying, and remorseless through the entire thing.

The boy, our avatar in the world of Remus, is shocked and appalled by the story. He protests the ending with the old man. The old man then lays down the most honest thing I have ever read in a children’s book:

“Dat w’at make I say w’at I duz, honey. In dis worril, lots er fokes is gotter suffer fer udder fokes sins. Look like hit’s mighty onwrong; but hit’s des dat away. Tribbalashun seem like she’s a waitin’ roun’ de cornder fer ter ketch one en all un us, honey.”

That’s a hard enough truth for an adult, much more so for a child. I don’t intend to bring you that hard-hitting level of philosophical discourse. But if I find something that qualifies, I’ll share it.

The point of this site is to give me somewhere to collect the links and information that I find interesting and compelling, and give me a place to occasionally write about things that I find interesting. I’ve always found writing cathartic, and in times like these, I’ll find catharsis where I can get it.

Do feel free to reach out to me if you should find this site and have an opinion or correction. I am more interested in ideas than I am in whether or not I got the high score at yelling down people’s throats. I am willing to admit being wrong. I am willing to change my mind. I may be put in a zoo for that.

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