So as I’ve been sitting here thinking about things to write, it strikes me that a lot of it is overly pensive or negative. Although that is definitely a decent purpose of a blog: providing a place for a writer to bitch about life; that isn’t what I really wanted to do here. I also think about former blogs that I have had in the past. I’d go on there and write, and bitch, and moan. I’d get all of these dramatic, gritty feelings out. Eventually, returning to the keyboard to add more got cumbersome. The idea of writing got emotionally draining. I would lose inspiration.

Also, let’s not fool ourselves. There’s plenty of negative stuff out there to cry and moan about. The world is ending, we all know it, we need not be constantly reminded of it and how crappy we are by some semi-anonymous dude on the internet.

So where do we go from here?

I suppose this leaves us with the underlying issue of all internet content creation. Can we make our real lives interesting enough for anyone else to actually want to look into or read about them? Must we be over dramatic, or negative, or sensationalist in order to garner views and create content? Is the natural variety of real life actually conducive to the internet, where all information is carefully categorized and sorted? Am I falling back into the trap now?

I do have a real life. I tend to be pretty busy. I have a dog, an old truck, a girl friend. I am a gardener, a tinkerer, a fisher, a baseball player. I have a real-life job. I am not a terribly negative or dramatic person in real life. I tend to have a fairly long fuse and mild temper. In real life, I tend to avoid going too much into my beliefs regarding divisive or sensitive issues, preferring to hear others out.

So going forward, I’ll let real-life be a prompt. Let’s consider this an experiment. It isn’t like much of anyone reads this anyhow. Posts will probably be shorter. Maybe more pictures, so long as I can sufficiently remove personal information. If you have an opinion or would like to see something, please comment or email me at

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