An Update is In Order

So I know I had these lofty ideas of Ad Hominem. That may still happen… Eventually. I have been a pretty busy dude lately. In January, I had begun working in a field research project that is particularly timely. In April, I took a position in a new role doing some really interesting stuff. I also joined a social group, and have been coaching a baseball team.

Am I reserved about sharing my personal stuff on here? Yes. Absolutely. Am I right to be? Yes. Absolutely. I see that I actually get a decent amount of traffic from China, Turkey, and other places overseas. I would like to travel the world at some point. I honestly do not feel like it is safe to operate in this space without making some attempt to maintain anonymity.

So how does one have and maintain a personal blog and website, and also stay private?

Hell if I know.

The job is fascinating. It’s the sort of work that I really wanted to transition into when I worked in labs in a different industry. My boss is great. My coworkers are nice folks. The benefits are great, and I have a lot of upward potential and further opportunity available to me. There are some quirks, like anywhere, but I am very very happy and very very fortunate. I have been blessed.

We had our inaugural season in a new Adult Baseball League. This one is much more relaxed and friendly. The competition is pretty good and everyone just wants to play ball and have a good time. The last league my team was in was super serious, expensive, and involved long commutes. This is much preferred, even if we did lose every game this season. I have been our coach, and it’s been fun.

The social group has been an interesting experience. The group of guys that I am interacting with are a very different group of people and perspectives than what I have been surrounded by at work. I can get along fine with both, but the transition from one to the other can make your head spin a bit. Having this much diversity in world view and perspective is really important to me. I feel like the pandemic has made it really easy for us to recede into our own little echo chambers. I now have a full spectrum of people that I come into contact with, and that certainly makes things interesting.

I have many more objectives that I still need to accomplish, or work towards accomplishing. Stuff from schooling to financial things. Working towards these things one small item at a time makes the progress glacial, but hopefully I have hit an inflection point where I will be able to take bigger strides. Life is long. We will see.

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