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Boiler Plate

I know, I know. I mentally get so fed up on the concept of blogging, then not doing it regularly enough, then feeling like I should apologize because it has been a year since I wrote anything, then wondering who I would be apologizing to, feeling silly, then realizing I am apologizing to myself, then realizing how hard I cringe when I look back on things I wrote, then wondering why I did all of this in the first place, then wondering if madness is seasonal, and finally typing some mealy mouthed thing to start a post that thus appears like a wart on an otherwise perfectly fine post.

So I suppose the thing to do is to not do any of that. I do think it is worth recording the thought process here for posterity, but that’s it.

Ad Hominem

It’s been a year, and the economy has taken a dump on itself, but somewhere in California, or Portland, or Ohio-wherever boredom, detachment from reality, arrogance, and moral bankruptcy come together-ad agencies have been toiling away to insult the intelligence of consumers. The great thing about this spot is that the vapidity and greed of these soulless bastards means I’ll always have something to complain about. More on this is coming.

Capere Lucem

I generally try to avoid celebrating my birthday beyond calling my mother and thanking her for going through the whole process and generally being my mother. I very occasionally will treat myself to a gift. Every decade or so, I mull around and eventually buy myself a modest camera take pictures for a little while, then become dissatisfied with the limitations of a cheap digital camera and relegate it to travel detail only.

Well, this year I purchased more than just a cheap, single lens camera. I did a whole bunch of research, saved my money, and bought a proper Canon Rebel. The model I got was the SL3, which is the smallest Rebel body, but with all of the features for an amateur photographer. I think it takes fantastic pictures. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures, and with that has come learning all about photo editing. In high school, I had been trained for photojournalism on early digital Canon Rebels, and taught Photoshop in the pre to early Creative Cloud days. Since then, it is very interesting (to me at least) to see what has changed and what hasn’t.

I will try to start posting some pictures and talk about my experience re-learning these things. I suppose I’ll just sort of talk it out while doing, since I don’t even really know anything about the photo-hosting services anymore. There used to be things like Flikr and others, with all sorts of offerings in storage, but I last messed around with that stuff, before the cloud was the thing it is today.

Until then, maybe brevity will encourage me to come back sooner…

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