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So, I know last time I mentioned Lens Dump with the idea of testing out a couple of different image hosting sites.

Well screw that.

And to hell with Lens Dump.

It’s totally SmugMug.

There’s something to muse on a bit here. I had options when it came to how I wanted to attack that problem. I could have done as I did, and started doing some research while trying the free side of services and sampling about. Trying first, then reading reviews and limitations. The problem with that methodology is that if you are a somewhat stubborn, or focused (prone to over-focus really) individual, you may find yourself knee-deep in one app, while aggravated that it doesn’t meet some criteria that you are now very passionately concerned with (which you were unaware of when you signed up), all the while looking around at everything else.

That was my case.

What I am learning, if laboriously, is instead of sampling, sit still, and read first. Collect the information that comes the most passively first. As more is required to collect information, all the more sure I should be at that point in the direction I am going. I need to figure out how to expand this concept to other parts of life too I suppose.

But onto SmugMug.

I paid for it. I am quickly learning that there is a REAL difference between paid and free services on the internet. The price was a little alarming at first, but it ended up discounted due to paying annually. Frankly, they have the best criteria for privacy and ownership that I have seen yet for a paid service. I uploaded about 7,500 pictures. Then I deleted them. Then I did 9,730 pictures instead. No problem. I was able to adjust settings and keep some folders/galleries totally private; some password protected, but shareable; some private link, no password; and some simply open. I appreciate that you can toggle whether or not your data can even be accessed in searches.

I got nearly 10,000 pictures uploaded, sorted, and shared with a wide variety of security requirements twice in one week. The second time took right at 24 hours for the photos to all upload, and for me to sort the photos, hone the security settings, then send out information to 8 different people. That’s pretty damn good if you ask me.

I just need to see what sort of bridge or applet exists for SmugMug to WordPress.

I’ll have more later. It’s 3AM and I just created yet another website. More on that then.

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