Migration and Freedom

This is a test.

I have been in the process of migrating from WordPress.com to a privately hosted website. This is definitely been a learning curve. Thankfully, even when the new version of WordPress.ORG (hereafter to be referred to as either COM or ORG), is annoying and impossible, I can actually install plugins and find work arounds. That was not even approaching possible before on COM.

I am finding that there are some really great resources to get things done in the ORG format. The problem is similar to the sort of issues people face with Adobe Photoshop and Intuit Quickbooks. Namely, there’s too many options. All of these have the common problem/blessing of being around for decades, with really innovating user bases and developers continuously adding and tweaking features, but never removing them. This has caused a maze of sorts to figure out how to get about.

The COM format has this issue, but they were clever enough to allow you to work your way down the maze until you are nearly there, but hide the cheese behind a paywall. That got really grating, especially when it came to trying to take rudimentary actions to protect photos and content. The fact that that was so heavily pay-walled seemed pretty crappy to me. It actually gets worse when it comes to migration too.

You see, you can migrate with one click from COM to ORG, but first you have to install a plugin. The plugin is free! But to install it, you have to upgrade your WordPress.COM account to at least a business plan, at over $100 per year. Also, as you install themes, there are sometimes significant differences between themes in the two versions.

I have had to rely fairly heavily on some outside plugins in order to make my theme and content act and appear the way that I want it. I will by all means give credit where it is due o the companies who create free products that don’t suck. That being said, there is an entire economy around plugins dangling features in front of you to gain function, while providing as little as possible at what amounts to a simply unreasonable amount of money.

One plugin that has been pretty feature rich, although requiring some time to learn, is Elementor. The Elementor plugin has been crucial for getting the theming correct.

I have also found “WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click” to be pretty solid for disabling right clicks on my photos. There’s more functionality that I would like to get out of the app, and there are many more of these apps that I have been trying out and getting irritated with. This is the first that I have found that just works.

 I may never end up being a professional artistic photographer, but a boy can dream, right?

More to come soon!

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