A Bit of A Test and Other Stuff

So this is a test to make a new blog post using Elementor. Elementor is an app in WordPress.

For those who care, which is nobody,  you can natively add posts in WordPress. However much of the website control experience is purposefully interfered with by WordPress to constantly attempt to extort you into paying money for it.

Elementor is an application that allows you to design and lay out your website. I like many of the features and some of the freedoms that it gives that are otherwise locked up by WordPress.

That being said, Elementor does have a similar scheme of requiring users to pay up to use additional or more functional services. I generally dislike this business model because it encourages companies to make their products less seamless and figure out ways to sabotage free users. Additionally, there are a number of factors with the posting process here that are certainly not intuitive to me.

Adding Elementor has been a mostly necessary step for successfully moving this site off of WordPress hosting. For basic design, colors, et cetera, it has done a decent job with enough time spent tinkering. It is clearly not geared towards blogs though. Text formatting is accomplished easily enough, and may actually be best done in an outside program. This post was originally written in part in the Elementor Text Editor, but I have since lost patience with it and moved it to LibreOffice, where I can finish writing it and add it into the Text Editor in full.

WordPress’ block and theme systems have a lot of really solid perks to them. They are also part of that nasty previously mentioned business model where functionality is sacrificed at the altar of making a sale that no one feels good about. After doing some reading in search of a Free Open Source alternative, it would appear that site development in general is just a crappy place. WordPress being the world’s largest website building software has left a stain on how web development hasn’t, well, developed.

It’s important to remember why I started this migration. WordPress was annoying. I also wanted to be able to share pictures without having to worry about someone stealing my work. As imperfect as Elementor may be, I am at least able to get this thing to mostlylook the way I want it, and I don’t have to deal with as much WordPress aggravation.

Years ago, I used to use a program called Adobe Contribute. I really liked the way that it worked specifically for blog style websites. Adobe has since discontinued that project. Besides, I use Linux and no Adobe product shall ever work on Linux for arbitrary reasons of corporate assholery. I don’t know much of any HTML, CSS, or VS code. I just want a website to share my pictures and thoughts on books, degeneracy, and the world at large.

Thank y’all for your patience while I navigate this….

Also, sorry for the website being half broken for the past six months. That’s what happens when you begin to do something, get distracted, then come back around, realize it’s broken, try to fix it, after five minutes get bored and distracted, put it off repeatedly because no one reads it anyway, and then finally fix it out of pure hate.

I also want to include some writing on the books that I’ve been reading. Those will be separate posts. One day…

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