Mind Invader Comics Issue #1: A Review

Whenever I find myself in my hometown of Marietta, Georgia, I always make a habit of meeting up with an old friend and going to a bar in the square named Johnny MacCracken’s. A self described “Celtic Firehouse Pub” anchoring the corner of an old southern town square, it is an eclectic place with multipleContinue reading “Mind Invader Comics Issue #1: A Review”

And The Dead Shall Rise: A Review

Steve Oney’s And The Dead Shall Rise has been on my radar for a decade, and related to me my entire life. The book recounts the murder of Mary Phagan, the investigation that followed, the trials of Leo Frank, his lynching, and the media circus that surrounded the entire affair. It represents excellent scholarship andContinue reading “And The Dead Shall Rise: A Review”

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