Coming Soon!

Consider this a coming attractions of posts: Classic truck maintenance on a budget: Or How I Learned That Swearing and Fussing Fixes Things. The Life and Times of a Ridiculous Beast: The Adventures of Brisby Good Fences Make Good Neighbors Electric Death The Continuing Struggle The Chronic Gardener Baseball As A Non-Pro Adult: A DiscoveryContinue reading “Coming Soon!”

Mind Invader Comics Issue #1: A Review

Whenever I find myself in my hometown of Marietta, Georgia, I always make a habit of meeting up with an old friend and going to a bar in the square named Johnny MacCracken’s. A self described “Celtic Firehouse Pub” anchoring the corner of an old southern town square, it is an eclectic place with multipleContinue reading “Mind Invader Comics Issue #1: A Review”

Historical Context, Present Troubles, Future Concerns

So I was reading our local paper this morning when I found an article about an execution that happened. The Associated Press article drew a comparison between the rate of executions under Donald Trump and Grover Cleveland. I do not think the AP article was meant to be complimentary towards the president. That kind ofContinue reading “Historical Context, Present Troubles, Future Concerns”

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