A Bit of A Test and Other Stuff

So this is a test to make a new blog post using Elementor. Elementor is an app in WordPress. For those who care, which is nobody,  you can natively add posts in WordPress. However much of the website control experience is purposefully interfered with by WordPress to constantly attempt to extort you into paying moneyContinue reading “A Bit of A Test and Other Stuff”

New Project: Ad Hominem

Most evenings, when me and my girlfriend get home from work, we’ll watch a couple of shows on TV. In between segments of Jeopardy or Seinfeld or whatever we tend to sit around for the commercials. Modern commercials drive me crazy. They are so insincere, so tone deaf, so overly measured and concocted, so repetitive.Continue reading “New Project: Ad Hominem”

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